Veronika I. Skvortsova

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Russian Ministry of Health and on my own behalf, I cordially greet the participants and guests of the IV National Congress on Regenerative Medicine. In the public health in Russia great attention is paid to the development of new trends in medicine, using the most advanced achievements of medical science to develop safe and effective approaches to the treatment of serious human diseases. Significant expectations are associated with the progress of regenerative medicine, which allows achieving fundamentally new therapeutic results, specifically the complete restoration of the structure and function of tissues and organs after damage and even the recreation of lost organs or tissues using tissue engineering approaches.
The Congress is held within the verge of Lomonosov Moscow State University, whose scholarly traditions formed a reliable foundation for leadership in the field of regenerative medicine. Fundamental and interdisciplinary research by MSU scientists become a basis for many solutions in the field of regenerative medicine, and the educational traditions of the classical university provide this area with high-level specialists.
Prominent Russian and foreign scientists and physicians are traditionally taking part in the Congress, and an extensive scientific program will allow them to discuss the most challenging issues of regenerative medicine. The participants of the Congress are faced with a number of critical tasks relating to current achievements, unsolved problems and perspectives for the development of regenerative medicine. Holding a scientific event of such a level opens up new opportunities for the interaction of specialists in the field of regenerative medicine, will facilitate the establishment and maintenance of valuable scientific network and stimulate the implementation of the achievements of this new field of medicine into clinical practice.
I wish the participants and guests of the Congress a lot of health, prosperity, successful and fruitful work!

Minister of Health of the Russian Federation,
RAS corresponding member Veronika I. Skvortsova