Parallel symposium 9

Regenerative medicine in cardiology
(Chair – RAS corresp. member Еvgeny А. Pokushalov, Prof. Vyacheslav V. Ryabov)

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Modelling of inherited cardiovascular diseases with induced pluripotent stem cells: successes, problems and perspectives
Elena.V. Dementeva, Meshalkin National medical scientific center, Novosibirsk


Monocytes/macrophages in postinfarction regeneration of myocardium: from experiment to clinic
Vyacheslav V. Ryabov,  Tomsk National Research Medical Center Cardiology Research Institute, Tomsk


Possibility of use of dispersed form of “Alloplant” drug for prevention of postinfarction remodeling of heart
Sergey.A. Afanasyev,  Tomsk National Research Medical Center Cardiology Research Institute,  Federal State Institution Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center, Ufa


Intramyocardial transplantation of resident heart progenitor cells causes activation of epicardial cells and stimulation of neo vasculogenesis in area of  damage
Konstantin V. Dergilev, National medical research center of cardiology of the Ministry of healthcare of the Russian Federation, Moscow


Influence of hypoxia on potential of heart stem cells in myocardium regeneration
Pavel M. Dokshin, Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg


Pathogenetic approach to correction of genetic mechanisms of coronary insufficiency
Oleg G. Makeev, Ural State Medical University, Ekaterinburg

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