Parallel symposium 13

Regenerative and tissue-engineering approaches in surgery
(Chair - PhD Ilya I. Eremin, PhD Vyacheslav S. Vasilyev)

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New frontiers in orthopaedics and bone diseases
Thomas Lienard, “Bone Therapeutics”, Belgium


Mechanisms of engraftment of fat transplant and the potential of lipografting in reconstructive surgery of various anatomical zones
Vyacheslav S. Vasilyev, South Ural State Medical University, Chelyabinsk


Adipose tissue - a source of cells with regenerative potential

Ilya I. Eremin, Selltera Farm


An evaluation of safety and effectiveness of intraarticular injection of stromal-vascular fraction for treating osteoarthritis. Intermediary results of a clinical research
Ivan A. Smyshlyaev, Presidential Central Hospital with Polyclinic


Possible applications of stromal-vascular fraction for treating chronic ischemia of lower limbs - intermediary results of a clinical research
Andrey A. Kalinin  Presidential Central Hospital with Polyclinic


The first experience of using percutaneous rigototomy for treating children’s cicatricial deformities
Anna A. Lagutina, Speransky Children Hospital №9

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